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The track is raised on concrete posts with wooden sleepers and allows for running both 3.5 inch and 5 inch gauge rolling stock. There is a fully automatic zone protection signal system in place with monitoring facility in the club house and the station building. The track is operated in both directions usually clockwise on Saturday and anti-clockwise on Sundays.

The original layout was rectangular but this was extended to include another joined rectangle so that it resembles a figure eight layout. The total length is approximately 800 yards.

The track features one 50 yard tunnel, a footbridge and delightful views of the South Downs. It is not unusual to see some of the many rabbits who live in the surrounding banks.

The steaming bay has 5 waiting bays with an additional one directly fitted to a turntable. There are two transporters available. One to migrate engines to the main running track and the other to move engines within the steaming bay.

There is a pneumatic points system to connect the main running track with the sidings where the engines are coupled to the carriages before rolling out onto the main running track. The sidings include a number of branches connected by a turntable to shunt around the carriages and trains.

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